We train everyone!

From primary school pupils to senior citizens. To us, nothing is impossible.


x-Target is a company born out of passion, professionalism and a desire to share knowledge.

Our instructors are people with experience and skills learnt from the uniformed services, ambulance services and community organisations. Passionate and professional in their job. Professionalism and an uncompromising approach to safety in training is our motto.

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Maciej – instructor – owner of x-Target

PZSS sports shooting instructor, combat shooting instructor, graduate of the Naval Academy in internal security and postgraduate studies in cyber security, former soldier with around a dozen years of service, first aider, participant of many training sessions and courses – both military and civilian, Maritime Security Officer with practical experience in high-risk waters (HRA). Educator and guardian of children and young people, with several years of experience in a scouting organisation. Travel and sports enthusiast.


x-Target is all about people. Each of our specialists is or has been an active officer, firefighter, first aider, paramedic or soldier. Depending on the needs and nature of the training, x-Target delegates instructors with the appropriate qualifications to conduct the training. Each of them is a professional in their field, who treats every training session as a new challenge and an opportunity for professional fulfilment.