Shooting training
(recreational shooting, basics of combat shooting)

The training includes both a theoretical part and practical shooting with firearms of various types. In the theoretical part, we learn the fundamental principles of safe handling of firearms, how they work and how they are used. For those interested in obtaining a gun permit, we provide substantive assistance. In the practical part, we learn the correct shooting stance, the proper grip of the weapon, the alignment of the aiming devices, working on the trigger, and how to fire a good shot. We can use GLOCK and CZ pistols, carbines from the AK and AR family and smoothbore rifles. Training is provided individually or in small groups for people from all age groups.

„Shooting in heels”

The term ‘the weaker sex’ is long outdated. Today’s women are successful and autonomous entrepreneurs. Shooting training for ladies is a unique service available at our company. Individual approach to each lady. Methodical explanation of what a gun is and how to handle it safely. How to take pleasure in shooting. How to get a firearms licence, and of course lots of practical shooting at the shooting range. This, and much more, in training courses where the only representative of the sterner sex is the instructor.

For groups consisting of ladies only, there is a special promotional price (!!!)

Medical training

„It doesn’t apply to me”, „Nothing bad could happen to me or my family”… The topic of pre-medical first aid is often treated as a secondary issue. It is seen as something that needs to be ‘ticked off’ the list, to quickly communicate the most relevant things to the audience and to wrap up this ‘unwanted’ and ‘disliked’ topic as quickly as possible. x-Target is trying to change that!!! We prove that first aid training can be interesting, exciting, can get some adrenaline pumping and can be professionally and reliably prepared. Our team includes first aiders, firefighters and paramedics with many years of experience, who are happy to share their theoretical and practical knowledge. The training consists of a theoretical part, where we learn about the functioning of the human body, what “diffusion of responsibility” is, what our risks are for not providing assistance and why it is necessary to help. In practice, we will learn how to stop haemorrhages, respond to fainting, heart attacks and choking in children and adults, how to perform defibrillation and CPR correctly, how to apply a tourniquet and how to treat a victim of a car accident, and much, much more.

Safe internet use and basics of cyber security

Training for children, young people and SENIORS (!!!)

„Your parcel has been delayed due to an underpayment of £2.14. Transfer the required amount to the account provided to release the delivery…” Young people, more mature people, seniors – we all live in the cyber world today, whether we want it or not. In addition to the wealth of knowledge that comes from the global web, there are also many risks lurking in it. In our training courses, you will learn how to avoid and counteract the threats on the internet. Where and how to report incidents. How to respond if someone tries to ask for money, passwords or sensitive data. You will see why social engineering is important to online criminals. After several hours of classes, you will leave with a sense of greater awareness and security.

Personal safety and avoiding dangerous situations

In our rapidly changing world, it is becoming increasingly easy to find ourselves in situations that threaten our health and sometimes our lives. In our training courses, you will learn how to behave in a risky situation (e.g. terrorist attack, robbery with a dangerous instrument, attempted extortion). This training is mainly aimed at primary and secondary school students (technical secondary vocational schools).

Planned training

With the aim of developing our company and the participants though our training courses, x-Target is planning to expand its offering in the near future to include training for qualified first aiders (acquiring the title of first aider), shooting instructors, and for entry on the list of qualified security personnel.