Prices and promotions

Our training courses are always priced individually.

The price is influenced by where the training is conducted, who the target audience is, how large the group of trainees is, and how many instructors are needed to conduct the training. Each of our training courses is unique. With each client, we strive to enter into a relationship that favours the trainee and the trainer, which is why we always use individual pricing.

x-Target’s service offering is aimed at:

  • Schools, groups, uniformed schools
  • Children and young people, organised groups, clubs, camps, school trips
  • Senior citizens’ clubs
  • Private individuals (depending on the number of people)

What we offer

  • Training and events for companies

  • Recreational shooting and basics of combat shooting for groups of up to 5 people

  • Promotional prices for ladies as well as veterans and casualties injured in foreign missions (shooting and first aid)